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November 14, 2019

One of the biggest myths of the American education system is that a cookie-cutter approach works for all. In our experience, every child brings their own set of experiences, talents, and knowledge to a school setting. Many children can benefit from a different educational model.

That is why we established Coastal Leadership Academy, a charter school dedicated to providing the best possible education for each child that comes through our doors.

We also feature unique educational programs that you won't find elsewhere in the Myrtle Beach area.

Our Project Focused Education Mission

We focus on using project-based education to develop and stimulate the valued minds in our charge. This enables us to teach our students in a more hands-on way as they acquire knowledge and solve problems during the process. 

Along the way, our students develop leadership and social skills as well as the critical thinking necessary to succeed in the adult world.

Coastal Leadership Academy also offers a number of dual credit course opportunities through Coastal Carolina University and other local institutions of higher learning.

Our Educational Priorities

To guide our students, faculty, and administration, we have established a number of educational priorities. These serve as standards that we expect every teacher to set and every child to reach. Our goal lies in preparing each student for personal success, leadership, and achievement.


We emphasize the development of leadership skills among all students. Project-based education is unique among educational styles in that it provides ample opportunities for students to learn how to lead properly. They learn to inspire instead of tear down. Students also learn how to operate in both an individual and a team dynamic.


One of the most important critiques of the traditional educational system lies in the decline of civics. At Coastal Leadership Academy, we know that today’s student is tomorrow’s citizen. We work to develop an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a free society. 

Critical Thinking

The world will always provide important problems that require solutions. Unfortunately, the one skill set needed has been the one that has seen the worst decline in this century, critical thinking. 

Critical thinking not only guides people toward solving problems. It also helps them to evaluate ideas, people, and events to give them proper context. 


Undergirding other priorities is knowledge. No one can think critically, lead, or be a good American citizen without knowledge. Our plan of study includes a number of opportunities not seen locally, such as Mandarin Chinese classes or working with a 3D printer. 

Our focus lies in building a foundation of knowledge from which the student can craft their own path to success.

Social Skills

Coastal Leadership Academy provides a full range of opportunities for our students to socialize and enjoy each other’s company outside of educational hours. These include but are not limited to:

  • Clubs
  • Dances and proms
  • Field studies
  • Specialized social skills training

And much more. Join the fun today!

Reach Out Today

Learn more about the exciting opportunities awaiting students at Coastal Leadership Academy. Our project-based educational system is a proven success and is complemented well by our range of programs and social activities.

Call today if you have any questions about our format, curriculum, social programs, and more. We can also schedule a tour for you and your children so you can see the benefits of Coastal Leadership Academy first hand. 

Let us be your child’s gateway to opportunity. 

Education and training for leadership and success at Coastal Leadership Academy.