FAQ: Coastal Leadership Academy's Unique Education

December 13, 2019

What Makes Coastal Leadership Academy Different?

As a public charter high school, the Coastal Leadership Academy offers a unique education like no other. Students have more diverse learning opportunities and programs than at the typical high school. This includes access to a 3D printer, a massive array of clubs, and a leadership curriculum that empowers students in becoming confident and capable adults.

The Coastal Leadership Academy's unique education also includes small class sizes. With a 10:1 student to teacher ratio, students can get the specialized attention they need to succeed.

Is There Clubs and Sports at the Coastal Leadership Academy?

There is a diverse selection of clubs and sports available for students at the Coastal Leadership Academy. For sports, we offer basketball, volleyball, archery, cheer, and cross country, all taught by skilled professionals. 

For a variety of other student interests, both recreationally- and academically-oriented, we offer a robotics team, music club, student senate, book club, game club, role play, and more. We even offer a green team program, in which environmentally-conscious students can volunteer in the community.

What's the Quality of an Education at the Coastal Leadership Academy?

Due in part to the wide array of opportunities available at the Coastal Leadership Academy, the quality of the education we provide is top-tier. It is incredibly important to us that every student who attends our school learns and thrives beyond what they knew they were capable of. 

With our sense of community, small class sizes, access to college credits, diverse clubs, internships, social experiences, and access to innovative technologies, we're able to offer students opportunities that go way beyond those offered by the vast majority of high schools.

Do You Have a Special Education Program?

We offer an extensive and detailed special education program through our capable and compassionate Special Education Department. This department provides services for students who experience a wide range of disabilities, including those identified as having learning disabilities, psychological and emotional disorders, or hearing, visual, or orthopedic disabilities. 

There is an annual review of these individualized education plans by attentive professionals. We offer students the high-quality education they deserve, no matter what disabilities they may experience. 

Are There Options For Students of All Financial Backgrounds?

Yes. Through our website and on-site resources, students have access to a wide variety of financial aid and scholarship programs. This ensures that our education is accessible to all students of all backgrounds. This includes low-income, disabled, first-generation, and minority students.

Does the Coastal Leadership Academy Prepare Students for the Future?

Yes. The primary purpose of any high school should be to prepare students for adulthood. For many, this includes pursuing post-secondary education. This is why we encourage students in the 9th grade and up to consider their options upon graduating from our school. 

There are many ways that we prepare our students for the future. This includes career assessments, college searches, and access to over 24 college credits

What Are Your Values?

Being a small community-based school influences our values, and we make it a point to be courageous, collaborative, community-centric, mindful, and compassionate. We want to impart a high-quality education for our students. That means teaching young people all about contributing to their community and assisting those around them.

We encourage students of all backgrounds to learn about leadership through a safe and non-toxic environment. We're passionate about education, and it's our goal for students to leave school feeling the same way

Reach Out For More Information

If you don't see your question here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our online form, via email at info@coastalleadership.org, or by phone at (843) 788-9898. We hope to hear from you soon.