Unique education institution benefits: Financial aid vs. scholarships

March 9, 2020

A unique educational institution provides special programming that can help better prepare young minds for greater education. Unique educational institutions teach children that each one of them is individual, which is why education shouldn’t be treated as “one size fits all.”

As a public charter high school, the Coastal Leadership Academy offers a unique education like no other. Here, students have far more diverse learning opportunities and programs than at typical high schools. From 3D printing classes, and an empowering leadership curriculum, to a wide array of clubs— Coastal Leadership Academy is a unique education institution that empowers students to become confident and capable adults.

At our institution, we are also aware that valuable education comes at a cost. That is why we connect our students and their families, as well as potential students, with extensive financial aid and scholarship aid resources to find the right financial assistance for them.

From FAFSA, state aid, and more, to first-generation funds and scholarships, there are many financial resources that can help your student get a unique education. Before applying or choosing not to apply due to financial restrictions, it is important to understand financial aid, scholarships, and the different opportunities that are available to your child.

Financial Aid

What is financial aid? Financial aid is money provided by the government in order to help pay for schooling. There are various grants and aids available to cover the cost of tuition for unique educational institutions. It fundamentally begins with eligibility: is your family eligible for financial aid? Many families tend to believe they will not qualify, however, no specific income level disqualifies a family from financial aid. Eligibility is based on many factors. If you feel you cannot pay the costs yourself, always investigate your options.

Financial aid comes in a variety of sources, so be sure to review each financial aid type in detail before putting together a plan. Options include federal student aid, state aid, institutional assistance, and federal student loans. There is also aid available for minority, low-income, and first-generation students.

You can find a variety of helpful links regarding Financial Aid on Coastal Leadership Academy’s Guidance and Resource page, but we encourage you to call our office with any further questions.


Scholarships are financial aid grants or payments awarded to students on the basis of high academic achievement or other criteria, which usually reflect the values of the donor or founder of the award. There are various scholarship search resources, such as Scholarship or Cappex, that can help connect you to a scholarship that might be right for your student.

At Coastal Leadership Academy, we encourage students and potential students to research and explore as many possible aid opportunities as they can. There is always help if you need it. Our skilled staff of teachers and educators are always looking for scholarship opportunities that can benefit their stand-out students, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

There’s help where you need it

Whether it’s a merit scholarship or minority financial aid, there are many financial resources out there that can help pay for tuition. At Coastal Leadership Academy, we encourage you to ask questions and seek out help if you think you may need financial assistance. We want every student to be able to thrive and achieve a unique education, and pride ourselves on doing what we can to make it happen.

Why Coastal Leadership Academy is unique

Coastal Leadership Academy is a unique education institution located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Outside of general education, we offer Mandarin and Asian Culture classes, 3D printer access, school-to-school exchange trips, a strong leadership curriculum, and access to dual enrollment credits. With smaller class sizes, educators can focus more of their time on students as individuals.

Unique education institution benefits: Financial Aid vs. scholarships