What Special Education Schools and Their Programs Bring to Education

February 6, 2020

We teach children that each of them is individual and special.

Their schools should reflect that. Effective education is never one size fits all.

At Coastal Leadership Academy, we celebrate the differences that each of our students brings. We strive to provide learning programs that reflect their diverse backgrounds, interests, and aspirations.

The programs that special education schools such as ours provide are vital. They produce citizens and leaders capable of shaping the world of tomorrow. We also proudly feature a curriculum proven to challenge students to reach their full potential.

The Right Environment For Serious Students

Coastal Leadership Academy provides a nurturing environment for learning. A smaller student population and outstanding student-to-teacher ratio in every classroom provides more opportunities for interaction and support.

In addition to a small classroom setting geared toward support and achievement, we also provide opportunities not found in most other schools. These programs broaden the student experience and prepare them for the real world.

For example, with China a rising influence in world affairs, our Mandarin language program helps to prepare future leaders to deal with the changing economic, political, and social landscpe. We also offer courses in Spanish and French.

Additionally, all students get the opportunity to learn the basics of leadership in our special program on that topic.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students can take dual credit courses and earn college credit. Many take advantage of internship programs that provide hands-on, real world learning. Students not only take away vital skills and experience from successful internships, but also references and contacts that can support their future career plans.

Finally, we provide the opportunity to learn from some of the most advanced technologies shaping the world today. We are one of the few schools in the region that teaches kids about the potential of 3D printing with our own equipment.

Check out our full selection of coursework and other opportunities that offer a more well-rounded and effective skills development experience.

A Full Slate of Fun Social Activities.

Coastal Leadership Academy is not all work and no play. We feature a number of great social activities that bring our student body together in productive and enjoyable ways.

Social activities serve as the soul of a school. At our school we allow them to create a sense of student camaraderie and pride.

These include dances, lock ins, PTO sponsored holiday dinners, and a full range of activities. We also offer opportunities for school to school exchange programs that are fun, yet also expose students to social learning.

Believing That Students and Schools Can Do Better

Central to our mission is the belief that schools with smaller classes, innovative courses, and a different approach. Our project-centric programs, for example, teach students how to apply what they learn to real world scenarios. We don’t just teach and test from a textbook.

We feel privileged to work with some of the area’s hardest working and brightest children. No greater joy exists for a teacher than to watch children blossom, learn, and grow in education. We bring this joy with us every day.

Reach Out Today

Get more information about the educational programs and learning opportunities at Coastal Leadership Academy. Our team of instructors and administrators are consistently committed to providing the best range of courses and social opportunities possible.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in enrolling your child here. Our team can answer questions about what sets us apart.

Even better, we can schedule a tour for you and your child. You can both learn about how students thrive at Coastal Leadership Academy, even if they have struggled elsewhere.

We look forward to helping your child take the next great step of his or her educational journey.