Why Does Project-Focused Education Matter?

June 15, 2020

Not all approaches to education offer the same experience and results. Project-focused education teaches students more than just how to prepare for and memorize information for a test. It provides many benefits that traditional schools and curricula cannot, as well as social experiences, access to industry-standard technology, and more personalized education.

But what, exactly, is project-focused education, and why does it matter?

What is Project-Focused Education?

Unlike traditional education, project-focused education enables students to apply their knowledge to projects, much like they would do in “the real world.” While most schools test students’ understanding of the information by testing, project-focused education engages students with extended projects. Students work on a specific project for at least one week, often longer. During this time, students solve real-world problems or seek to answer complex questions, and present their new knowledge and skills.

So, why does project-based learning matter? It allows students to develop and apply knowledge and critical thinking, as well as work collaboratively and creatively. But perhaps most importantly, it creates an environment for students to communicate their understanding of a situation, learn from each other, and create a path to achieving a goal with their fellow students—just as they would in the real world.

And just like the real world, there are no textbooks for projects. At Coastal Leadership Academy, students rely on resources to guide their projects and learning rather than textbooks. This gives students more freedom to pursue creative and innovative approaches to solving problems and creating new products to address complex questions.

Project-focused education gives students the real-life skills they need to make entrepreneurial and community impacts—and gives them the opportunity to test those skills in their projects before moving on to colleges, universities, or entering the workforce in a number of fields.

The Coastal Leadership Academy Difference

Coastal Leadership Academy is proud to offer our students courses, tools, and teaching methods unavailable in traditional education. We see students as future leaders of our communities, and our leadership curriculum reflects our commitment to helping students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective leaders in a variety of spaces.

We also understand that to help foster private and public sector leaders of tomorrow, students must have access to industry-standard tools of today. For example, our students have access to CLA’s 3D printer, helping them literally bring their ideas to life. Similarly, we understand that these ideas and leadership skills are not bound by borders. We provide our students the opportunity to take courses in Mandarin and Asian culture to prepare them for a future where Western and Eastern business and cultural relations become more intertwined and dependent upon one another for changing lives and industries around the world. We’re proud to be the only school in Horry County that offers Mandarin. Students may also take courses in Spanish and French, two of the world’s most widely-spoken languages.

Because of our small class sizes, students receive teachers’ undivided attention, providing a more personal learning experience, whether in standard classes or through our dual credit courses through HGTC, Winthrop, and Coastal Carolina University.

But CLA students receive integral social experiences in addition to a unique educational experience through proms and dances, clubs, field studies, and SOS Autism for social skills development.

Excel with CLA’s Project-Focused Education

CLA’s curricula and unique environment enable students to apply the knowledge and skills they’re learning through real-world applications, preparing them to be community leaders of tomorrow. Want to learn more about how Coastal Leadership Academy can help prepare your child for a variety of careers, college majors, and community engagement? Reach out to us today to learn more.

Students take a break from their project-focused education at Coastal Leadership Academy to eat lunch.